UV Conveyor System and Hot Air Dryer

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2 min readMay 1, 2021


The system which is about UV curing involves UV radiation and its reaction. At this point, UV stain or ink is applied to an object. UV light is passed, the curing happens instantly.

Talking about the basics involves the process of polymerization of UV lacquer on any object by using UV light. This results in the solidification of UV coating through UV beams.

The so-called UV system is a major of many varied sizes and forces. There are many different UV curing gadgets.

• Advanced UV Curing Machine

• UV Interdecks

• 3D UV Curing System

• UV Curing Lamps

• Hot Air Dryer

• UV conveyor system

Why is UV conveyor used?

UV conveyor can help you deal with different types of UV curing needs. UV curing in laboratories, R&D, full-scale production can all be tackled through a UV conveyor system. It is one of the most reliable UV curing systems. UV conveyor is easy to set up and quick to produce quality output.

Salient features

· It is easy to get installed, and there is less to no maintenance needed.

· Top-notch technology related to UV is used

· Integration of press is fast.

· The need for floor area is not very high.

· User friendly

· Fast curing, high-quality output.

What to look for in a UV conveyor supplier?

· The supplier should be able to provide genuine and long-lasting products.

· The pricing should not be too expensive.

· Customer service should be reliable.


UV curing is a beneficial process for the printing industry. It helps to improve the overall print quality. There are different types of UV curing machines like

· Advanced UV Curing Machine

· UV Interdecks

· 3D UV Curing System

· UV Curing Lamps

· Hot Air Dryer

· UV conveyor system

The fast process of UV curing can be done correctly by using the suitable type of UV machine as per need. UV conveyor system and Hot Air Dryer are two different types of UV curing machines. It is possible to do various kinds of UV curing by using these UV curing machines. It is to be kept in mind that the UV conveyor system should be associated with the latest technology. At the same time, it needs to be user friendly. The installation process of the UV conveyor system is generally straightforward.

At the point where you are looking for a UV conveyor supplier, we would recommend selecting an ideal one. A perfect supplier deals with genuine products and is associated with friendly service. Never expect a high price to ensure good quality. A good supplier never charges too much.



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